Who we are.

We are Evers ReForest, a North German reforestation company with which you too can neutralise your CO₂ footprint. We plant trees in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany’s least forested state. New forests are being planted on a total of 12 reforestation areas throughout the state. In this way, we want to make CO₂ compensation possible for everyone – no matter what you want to compensate. Quite simple really, isn’t it?


reforestation area


planted trees

30.000t CO₂

have been compensated so far

How Evers ReForest works.

Evers ReForest plants 7,000 to 8,000 trees per hectare for new mixed deciduous forests. Whether beech, oak, maple, hornbeam or lime: they all help you to improve your individual CO₂ balance. In this way, a forest will soon be created, a habitat in which animals and plants will once again thrive and feel at home. Your tree will continue to grow for decades and compensate for more and more CO₂. On top of that, your commitment can be seen, touched, smelled and even walked through: Because you can visit your very own forest at any time.

We believe that it is important to have the result of your commitment in front of your eyes so that you can continue to actively work for a better environment in the future. And this is urgently necessary, because climate change is one of the biggest challenges for all of us.

Why reforest?

CO₂ is one of the biggest contributors to climate change. For this reason, it is up to all of us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or – if possible – even avoid them completely. So until that happens, the solution is CO₂ compensation. On average, a single tree can convert 100 kg of CO₂ into biomass per year. How much can you achieve with an entire forest?

We founded the reforestation company Evers ReForest back in 2011. And it showed us that CO₂ compensation is not that complicated: by first reforesting mixed deciduous forests, CO₂ emissions can be compensated, be it your company’s vehicle fleet, private air travel or your own household’s electricity and gas consumption. Everyday life continues to create a high level of awareness for a more sustainable lifestyle. Likewise, sustainability has become a value-enhancing factor for brands, boosting their image and increasing sales. So it doesn’t matter whether you decide to do this as a private individual or as a company – we’ll do the forestry for you!

For your commitment, you may label your products with the Evers ReForest logo and receive a certificate.

Calculations, testing and projections on the specific carbon offset by the wooded areas were conducted in April 2010 by Forest Ecology and Forest Inventory group of the renowned Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institute, the Federal Research Institute for Rural Areas, Forestry and Fisheries. For more information, go to www.thuenen.de/en.

Our goals.

Climate neutralisation for everyone.

CO₂ compensation for everyone.

Raise awareness.