FrischLuftPost - FreshAirMail

By adding the FreshAirMail stamp to your letters, the greenhouse gas emissions incurred during shipment is neutralized by the first Evers ReForest reforestation projects in Schleswig-Holstein. By using the stamp, you make a small, but very definite contribution to climate protection.

The CO2 emissions used in our calculation for the climate neutralization of mail shipments are based on various relevant sources from recognized institutes and enterprises for carbon management. Since there is a certain range in the calculation of emissions, in each case we have factored in the higher values for the FreshAirMail participation.

We offer the following FreshAirMail stamps:
• Standard stamp up to 20g letter weight
• Large stamp from 21 to 500g letter weight

Use one FreshAirMail stamp for climate-neutral national mail shipments and two FreshAirMail stamps for international climate-neutral mail shipments.

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