The Project

In Germany, hope is a color. Green.

It’s actually quite logical: CO2 is one of the most abundant greenhouse gases and causes of climate change. Consequently, everything must be done to reduce CO2 emissions. This is only possible to a limited extent in the production processes of catalogues, brochures, etc. – at least as it now stands despite our efforts.

Until we’re at that point, the solution is carbon offset. And that isn’t as complicated as it might sound. Because even one tree can convert 100 kg of CO2 on average per year. How much then could an entire forest capture? That’s why we started Evers-ReForest. A new forest to fight climate change. There is a reason why green is the color of hope in Germany.

From tree to print

Allow us to introduce your very own and personal means of CO2 mitigation: beech, oak, maple, hornbeam and lime. They help you improve your individual carbon footprint, regardless of whether you have us print a 6-page flyer, a large catalogue, or we realize non-print media projects for you.

Simply invest in one or several trees thereby making an active commitment, receive the ReForest logo and certificate – and you’re done. We do the planting. You have a clear conscience. Or would you like to join us in the planting?

Because your tree will continue to offset more and more CO2 for you for decades. Because a forest is created, a habitat in which not only animals and plants will flourish again and feel at home. You will too. Ultimately, it is just around the corner from us, in Dithmarschen. And because – it’s always good to make an impression – you can promote your image and your commitment to environmental protection by using the ReForest logo. Advertising can sometimes be that simple (and affordable).

Initiative and Realisation

Evers-ReForest is an initiative of the Eversfrank Group in Schleswig-Holstein which pays for the financing of the reforestation project together with your clients and business partners. The actual reforestation is carried out by experts from our region.

The new forests are professionally maintained so that nothing stands in the way of the forest development and the stand is protected in the long term.