The forest out the vehicle fleet.

Initial solution / problem:
It stands to reason that the Schleswig-Holstein Chamber of Agriculture is actively involved with environmental protection. This is one of the reasons that it is committed to ensure sustainable Management and act as a pioneer with regard to climate protection. So it was Logical to think about the CO2 neutralisation of the vehicle fleet and this find a regional, visible solution.

Conceptual solution:
Greenhouse-gas compensation by means of afforestation with Evers ReForest in Schleswig-Holstein.

Technical solution / implementation:
The compensation requirement was determined based on the CO2 vehicle fleet Computer. On average, a car uses approx. 7 l diesel for 100 km. For 30,000 km/p.a., it therefore emits approx. 6.6 t of carbon dioxide. To compensate for this, mixed deciduous forests have been planted in Schleswig-Holstein with the Evers ReForest Project. The validation on this was undertaken by the Thünen Institute (Federal Research Institute for Rural Areas, Forestry and Fisheries).

The Chamber of Agriculture's vehicle fleet consists of 16 cars and trucks. Each year, they neutralise some 115 t of CO2 emissions. We therefore planted approx. 10 ha of forest with about 50,000 trees. Each of the Chamber's vehicles received a corresponding sticker, thus making it clear to everybody: We are doing something for the climate protection.